To the side of the park,

     they sat Indian style

Encircling Marcosif,

               my nephew, nested

In the middle, playing

          'The messages game' and

leaving a message for

     My daughter, a princess.

She needed an emoji

               To win one more time.

Marcosif left my daughter,

          Lescia, high praises.

I knew she was a princess

     And I'd tell all who

would hear of Isis.

               She was raised as one also.

Lescia would learn, one day,

          the ways of Isis to

Wait on the children of hers,

     wash and bathe them.

It was Lescia, bold and

               sultry who had sorted

Variety of some

          cool emoji combos.

They say she would pull

     the hair off the elder men.

This was the story that

               I began to tell of

The Seventh of Saturn

          Who was bold and sultry.

She could relate to me

In a Delicate Way .