Amerindian Poems

by Edward Garcia

Her Arrows

A large aura arises From within the land She sets in the drove, more so Comfortably, when She shoots her arrows from where She points out at you.

Her Arrows

Showing My Heart

I took my heart to you To show it off once and Then told you that I would Be braver to expose It to your Nature. I Knew that we two would be Happy. But I did not Forget. I shared with you All the myrrh and incense That I have brought for us But I was sure that I Would go to you and not Return empty-handed Then I had faced a storm.

Her Fig Tree
Isis sees all and knows good
Essence in us all. In life,
She turns away and knows all
Better than anyone else.
She traveled from her fig tree.
She knows me well. She's myself.
Isis' Determination
How will Isis appear to me? She knows me closer than any others
She knows how I deal with those that
Are in my circle of friends She surrounds me with the ones I love From the very beginning, she Helped me accomplish a great deal.

All Times

I want to see more of my woman's dress Although I can't get enough of my girl I disappeared to plan What I would do if she did not cross the Street every time I look outside all times Where does she get that from? For whatever reason I have to long For her all the nights unless she's outside Of her house oftentimes.

Happy and Well

My lady sat in front of her house in An elegant dress and she made me a Solemn promise to care about me, when She gave me the desires to drink from the Honey nectar that brought her to me there She thought of me from then, happy and well How much she looked forward to meeting me When we both went to the festival and We had spent the night together. After, She eventually went to the church On Sunday to pray for many blessings She was honest, trustworthy and faithful So I was more amicable with her.

Sweets and a Fig in a Square (Lavender)

In the square I buy a new treasure Walking past passersby in the square Look averted from her in the square My arm should get shaken in the square I would try to be charmed in the square I would present myself in the square I eat pomegranate in the place In the square I dare pass a short glance I pass by the women to see her May the Fates agree with my Muses As I place my highest trust in them? The throng watches us play secretly The makeup fortifies the eye glance Sweets and a fig or some lavender Scented dresses of the young women; One spirit is so no other man could Make the both of us break apart yet chords From my heart, unstill sound of a chord.

Sweets and a Fig in a Square (Lavender)

Treasures for a Princess

The priceless gold is hidden among Sticks of myrrh incense and lavender, Treasures for heroes and a princess; Silk capes and hoods for those who go win They are seen at the audience rooms They could be out in the field at times Or to the side by the flower bush For those who abide by codes of law.

My Girl's Letter

I took your letter and read the first part. I read the rest of it and then I had Noticed that it had been dabbed with perfume. I gave more attention certainly to The main part that said that you were taken. But I had to ask you to explain why You let me talk to you and you gave me the time. All the days I go to you honorable, Faithful and trusting that you would hear me. Explain to me that wistful look of yours When your inner desires wish for me. Ah, no matter when I consume the thoughts of The bracelet of niceties I brought for you. You will make me a fair deal and mention That no one can claim your calling intent.

What I Told Him

I told him to meet me Between the stream and the tree But my arm shook then I Felt much more eager as I went there and I saw No sign of him. It is As if I was peeling An orange carefully So I waited and thought That my hunger was quelled The clouds froze the lightning, My stomach was queasy And the stars turned over.

What I Told Him

She is My Spirit

She came to earth During nightfall last Year and she brought me Friends to exalt; She made me feel So many greater Emotions too, So I plan on Worshipping her For once and all; Isis: she came down from Heaven and planned on Leaving her articles Of clothes in my home; Myself in the room: I received her spirit; I am in her body and she is in mine

Waiting for You

I wait for the day That we could be together In the plaza or In the stores we can Show ourselves to the crowds We can go to the Movies and enjoy Our time together But the way you ignored My appeal strikes me Like three arrows I can go to my Land and wait for you By the stream and think Of you constantly.

I Saw My Girlfriend

I saw my girlfriend by the Window of the restaurant down the street. I stood in front of the window there to Wave, knocked and I asked her to go with me. I entered the restaurant only to Feel as if I wasn't supposed to do it. ___________________________________________________ Is she good enough for me? It's for sure, I've known her for a long time Then I poke her on her shoulder just so, And I ask her to dance with me also The music starts to sound notes like the verse In poems about pomegranate from before This is how we were, not afraid of each Other. We just pick up where we left off.

The Season for Chocolate

When the season starts to change Ghosts bring a chill from the yard and the fence To the houses, us drinking chocolate milk A cartoon shimmers on the plasma screen My thoughts linger about a dark lady Amongst the morning birds singing carefree. ____________________________________________________ I bite down on chocolate candy And it swirls, melting inside of my mouth. Some days I would rather not go to the Store but I feel closed in and empty too. I am supposed to stay awake for now But I always go back for sweets at night. I'd wait for a girl to find me at the store. I always go back looking for her.

The Entire Scorpion
Isis would go in the stream.  I beheld Her figure and facet and led her in that day We played in the water and splashed, us two I recited her praise, sharp like the cactus too I ensnared her in my plot but she fired An arrow right at my heart but us together The sight of her left me breathless also The pain of her thrusts was actually more of a Disdain to me.  The day was more warm than Any other time.  We would go back to the stream Of my goddess, as I remembered it A bull saw us, grew restless as it left its pen
This was Isis, the Entire Scorpion,
And how she became our culture in my dad's town
It was all of the upmost importance.
Play Jump Rope
When we were young we played jump rope,
so when
We played a game of jacks, we pecked at
each other.
Tonight we are back in touch and we are
Older so that I could give you pelting kisses.
We do not have to speed through anything.
I know that you are ready for me to give you
A diamond ring made of pure gold because
You call me from that urban city you are from.
We will have a dinner together too.
Eating chicken and rice we should have a
nice, long
Conversation, doting on about our
Companions we have together. They play, you say
Of their acts of bravery; more or so,
Stories that you would share with me, their
dreams, careers,
Skillful leadership and terse pranks also.
Queen of My Spirit
This is what
I have for you, Isis, queen of my spirit and of
The tribe, here.
I am from highship, so is Lescia; and Isis is
From other
Lands, far away in Heaven.
I'd give you
My teaching to recreate you, my dear.
I accept
You in me and you have obtained myself in you too.
Unfold your
Two-stringed heart that only I can control, it is by
Our friendship.
Blessed Thoughts
What are your blessed thoughts of me
Princess? What do you want the
Most in the earth? Is it a
Ring, presented so you can
Put it on and go dancing?
Isis, You
Prepare Me
Isis, you
Prepare me for the day ahead.
You make the
Air more imposing and penetrable within the
Morning light.
It is not for the locusts to heap inside our nest.
Also, when
I Imagine you in your dress, you bring me countless
Friends I am devoted to as my flock.
You surprise
Me because Isis as my counsel, I learn of all
Great lessons.
A Gift from Isis
I should not want anything
I am not dependent on
Anything or anyone
My house is made mightier
It Brought Me Life
I keep this in my home to eat: delicious
Pomegranate, I have known of; it is
My happy treat: the fruit that I give Lescia here
It brought life to my children and to myself
I found one by a mirage. There, it was
Paradise. I wouldn't share it unless it was
Earthier. No need to hide it, I would trade
It for nothing, lost treasures of the past
Around the
Chicken Coop
Who do I go to now?  Where do I turn to?
It is a mighty challenge that griefs most but
Costs me on all fronts, behind and to the sides
Lescia, will you try to help me keep our bold
Army apt? You will make all blush when you walk
Around the chicken coop. You trot like a deer
You would do good work with your hands in the plot
I am sure that our time on earth is fulfilled.
Part With
the Crowds
The Tribe of the Puma disappeared in a
Foggy evening as they part with the crowds
By the pyramids of the people in front of
Their leader, leaving all with faith to suffice
Trade leads some travelers of masses here
To dreams of riches, selling clothes and
incense sticks
The people flock to these traders to buy in
Bulk. Large sellers make a profit sometime.
Together With Isis
My wife is the reliability, the Strength of us.  She washes the clothes that
they share. They are neat and kempt, as a new, clean towel. My family stands together with Isis

Praising My Bride

Can I bless Isis? I should travel to Another country Only to buy her Some clothing from those Shops in that land there. Out in Syria I can spend the days With Isis praying From midnight until Seven in the eve Praising my bride now.

Praising My Bride

In the Autumn

Those unpleasant moments that Have been turned for me to try fate are bitter. As we walk towards the big tree, I would Wet my lips on yours that I take at times. O if I had to admire you From far away I would die and fall. ____________________________________________________ We can bring ourselves unto The Goddess who nurtured our love so swell. We count the days like the spokes spinning on The street on the wheels of a moving wagon. If you said that you would think of me I would consider approaching you at night.

In the Autumn


The long shadow leads me around back where The girls mingle with the gentlemen to Prepare a show of dancing and fun: a Lot goes on in a day in our city.

A Yellow Dress and Perfume

The cloth I want to Feel with my palm Scented with perfume While I put lotion And the temperature Makes me want to have A drink beneath the Shadow by the tree Whereby seemingly A bird was singing; I thought that the fair Girl's carriage had once Been with me dormant, The figure of the shelf: We all complimented Like a hairpin she put On; the humid room Was all we admired

A Yellow Dress
and Perfume

In My Homestead

Madam, why do I worry so much? Isis, dear madam, are you happy? My queen, I have been sleeping well My queen, does my girlfriend get me? My queen, I could be more careful My queen, I need to plan better I get more responsible and more wise But do my brothers really know me? I have not seen them in a long while And my house is in good repair now I think I should eat chicken and rice I saved all my money for A pack of mules because I want To indulge in sneaking past the border The money is getting harder To earn now but my stomach Is full and I am stronger I think my girlfriend notices

A Form of Love

It is not yet a Complex form of love; Neither simple nor Nigh lust, it is as A relic from the Ruins of Yin Xu That I admire; with You I have everything That I need for me To feel well; it's like An earthly tomb; Tilo Qu Shi floating Over it or a Moment more that I Have with you: I would Take it with me to Yin Xu to remind Me of our trust and look At your penmanship; My deep, intimate friend, Without observing The time; days dash by

A Form of Love

Like the Hippo (An Old Mayan Song)

The animals outside: Do they groan like the Hippopotamus? They do, they do. But do they eat The grass over and Over all day long? They do, they do. Do they turn over And rub on their belly With the fireflies? They do, they do. Do they open their Jaws and yawn with their Big scary teeth? Well if that were to happen, I Would take more care around them.

A Suggestion, Accompany Me

The room suggested something cool and Humid but it was too hot and so dry Outdoors too. The children played a bit More carefree, with talk about the sidewalk, Together, until I felt I was happier. That day ties at the Church helped until there was now a Little acceptance. She came for my aunt And watched the children skip and Hop, accompanying them 'til nighttime When we kept the blessings Isis Gave us. Each and every one of us smiled.

The Stream

The heart receives one hundred Arrows from all directions When they twist and sway on their Way to the stream where she sits Drinking from the water there

Lilac Meadow

We came and Took flowers from The lilac meadow For my love's Fortitude of a Part of a Pleasant day

The Last Time I Saw Her

Smooth makeup and Lavender, I recall... I was surprised by the tears that coursed out then...

The Last Time I Saw Her

For My Heart

It took some time for my heart to love you... I unfold it now and take out its two strings...

For My Heart

All of the Treasures

I keep all of my love with all treasures... Across from the realm I am glad to see you...

All of the Treasures

Free Flight

In all my dreams I cannot be stopped yet... We should still get through the hardest moments now...

The Arrival

We're at the final path A process devised Found our own place Now we've arrived We've lived our culture Brought in our daughters Found our answers Now we've arrived Remind them later Based on provisions Want of no food Now we've arrived

The Time We Seek

By the time we seek Anabel, she will forgive the Youth. Of the patriotic bringer of flowers, a Girl with a cross, in an oyster castle, will demand Many times in a small ring but they are much older.


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Madam, I feel more restless for now Isis, dear madam, how could I Attain perfection so, my queen? Also, can I get all to listen? My queen, can I present myself to The multitudes with you by my side? My queen, how hard is the trouble next? My queen, I should behold you next to Me from morning 'til nighttime and Over again. I can recite the Verses from a tablet or a scroll You get the knowledge that I have too If other persons want to know, You love more and are more informed You shine the light on all that looks Dark, hidden or forgotten Nobody means more to me All I have is family and My country to love and shine for.

Having a Drink of Soda

I had a steak with eggs and hash browns in The kitchen so that we could enjoy a Drink of lemon soda The kitchen was the most comfortable room, I thought, because there I could smell all of The odors mingling. My tia came over to help us make Tamales without dulce or with it, With or without pasas This could only take place in my rancho Then I had to leave with twenty pesos.

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All Hail Isis

The orange sun disc belongs in the Sky. I should go to where I belong At the pyramid. cactus belongs But the small birds, together truly I get ready for my belonging The princess daughter of Nibiru Behold, Isis, could do nothing wrong! A race of five laps to run before I do not protest but I exclaim I won't let her leave, I stay with her Her fabric is of a hidden light We hold hands and will travel the lands Her sacrifices are what halts an Enemy from advancing and it Does answer my prayers at the night To her appearance here, she arrives From Nibiru. All Hail Isis! and The cow, the eagle, the sow and snake.

The Song of the Lotus

Now I want to admire the lotus more. For sure, it is all I would want to do. But what of my girlfriend? Her lotus fingers seem to dote on me. I should have to think of the lotus now. Have I been forsaken? A dark Islamic woman calls for me, I can't tell, but I think I don't get her, Pretty much, else I do. I have to apologize but I have To make sure that we could meet together.

The Mule and the Dwelling

The residence is stuck behind a mule. The dwelling inside is yellow and the Little windows look out onto the streets Like a brown face. It dots and shuts into The neighborhood and sits all of the nights And days. My younger daughter is like me. She is the only person who tries to Encourage me any time. I should stay Strong like the bull. That is the other thing That keeps me going but I hide at night.


The air is hotter low to the ground I am the master of its fortune Huff and puff with a feather, so light It flies like a dragon, hotter too Invincible, indestructible I am the master of its fortune Above in the air, I'd plan on it I am the master of its fortune.

The Nightingale Sings

She is just as the Nightingale in her Nest as she sings Cleverly; a nice And charming song with The spirit at nighttime My aunt gave Isis A doll that was café With an exquisite Beak. I kept my Attention on her For a minute and The young girl demanded That we go to the Park. We went together.

The Fair Honor

Your crown shines upon us your wisdom I can assert for sure that fair honor That's suggested by the embellished Style of clothes that you present yourself in You seem in pain and illness I know you by your small, slender figure I like your purple dress better It goes together with caring a lot And a light gleams from your eyes There is indulgence in your fancy shoes So then I would dote tirelessly And express friendship as I show comfort.

The Fair Honor


He sits and wants some Certain spicy chicken; Child sitting: pants Are dirty trying Not to fall apart When listening to Sister who wants to Go to the cathedral To take the child; So small; mostly To praise and try Just like polyester Before the nails, Never have to do it: Would just give more; For a better homelife Or a mystic aisle To intervene with; Many others thinking Of traveling or staying To gather beneath The sun in a drove

Solemn Promise

I wanted to know if you will go Home with me. As the oldest ways of Love, I sit by a large tree there by The house where my grandmother lives. Then You will also tend to my wounds where Two arrows have struck me and put some Balm in it so that I won't feel the Pain. I care for what you said in the Letter that you sent to me. I made You the solemn promise that you're the Grandest of my heart and will give you Incense known to all other people To be very difficult to get.

The Silhouette

I learned of distant love from her dance I learned about when birds were distant I watched them take a break; They're distant Also I collapsed in the distance, Medium figure, dark form, distant I showed him more warmth but was distant Isis leads to calmer seas, also She's distant, nurtures and cultures us; Shows near perfection in the shadows I can't forget her dark silhouette Isis leads us to more fertile ground The house must remember our friendship The people outside make me walk with Isis when once she helped me forget The multitudes. There is no helping Them neither. She showed me the honor The people outside meld together Forming a taller silhouette night.

The Silhouette

Our Time Together (Day and Night)

I should see you at a certain time when The sun gleams and all is dreamlike In my comfortable clothes I follow you You leave a trail of lavender. You stop to gesture like in the pictures Of the women with pottery It is a poignant matter that we should Be together at the nighttime.

Love Is So Inspiring

It is very extraordinary When one misses her love for a long time. Every decision leads past that point in Her life but it is inspiring at last. When people wish on to a star To hope beyond their own boundaries of Belief but they know it is possible, Nothing else would ever matter to them. If they are right, they know God is with them. It is the very presence of angels.

Inseperable, Us Two

I'd show you off at The plaza and tell The others that their Remarks are useless, But don't fault me Because I have jokes for Those that speak funny Just let me be free And I will hopefully Get another chance to Tell you that we are One together, us two Counterparts, we're closer Than spouses who maybe Fight with each other Like the clouds and Lightning, we are held Together forever.

The Daffodils

Your lips are fairest amongst the daffodils Your mouth shines bright, your teeth can be seen at night No, they are pearls that you wear in the plaza Sometimes your eyes are two stars that I wish to I delight in the niceness of watching you. Your arms are two stalks of sugar cane to taste And sparse your nails for which to catch a glimpse of Your legs are stalks of barley, brown and lofty I'd want you to find me, that is to know me, So the lavender scent exalts your presence.

Keep You Close

Beneath the dusk in The yard, for sure, I know Gold is more admired If I am certain that I could keep you close By to me but always. It is me who cares For you and I haven't Noticed you open The door to my room, love.

Keep You Close

Love in the Rain

I go outside to get wet in The rain with my girlfriend My clothes absorb the water 'til My face gleams and gets wet The clouds are gray and get heavy The sun glares behind them. This fine day with my girlfriend is The one when we feel great I share my hope with my girlfriend We had splashed in the rain A much more romantic day we Haven't had 'til this day.

In the Night

We stayed up until the twilight You wore a crown of smoke that Night and your skin stayed darker still I can get you two donkeys so That you could know what I Would do if I was so in love I can give you items that are Better than others, I say A ring or a fleece, my queen. ____________________________________________________ I bow down to you because I do it with Pleasure. I heard in a dream that it Was so, that this would work from now on I want to peel an orange to give it to you. Your smile reminds me of a side of The Dipper; so as I look about the farm I notice you in your long yellow dress. I need to make an opportunity An interruption it was meant to be Your hand calls on me but can I get nearer? The first time I met you I was with a friend I found what I wanted, I couldn't believe I don't feel alone anymore with you.

In the Night

Couth Woman

Come here to me, pretty young girl, Around to the houses Where the light at sunset Reflects on the ground and the snake Crawls down to the supple stream Until you get here; by the time That the stars are set in The sky and presented To you, offered as a sight for Me to tame you, couth, Unapproachable woman, I will be here everyday Where the stars sparkle, my heart.

The Way I Behold You

Who is in control of the other? My intention is to exalt you. Your breasts curve so sensually and I only yearn to behold you then. So I walk towards your direction But the crowd piles up and conceals you. Instead of cursing I decide that I should wait by the park until it Gets dark then we should sit together Under the cool air at the nighttime.

The Way I Behold You

Your House

Some houses stood in the distance. My lady stayed within one there. In the orange sunrise you came There and made me a promise. You Made my life much more easy by Giving me many gifts that I Liked. Then I implored you and you Listened to me. I shall then be Loyal to your history and I will approach you. I will like To make myself the true owner Of your heart to put my house there.

I Stay Alone

At my home I stay Alone to tend to The house but lately I haven't been doing Any work because I am lost. I cry In the middle of The day about my Girlfriend. I have disclaimed Love and refuse to Believe in it Anymore. My tears Feel great and I bite My nails all of the time.


The brave yearn for freedom today. But I am as a trumpeter searching For someone of a charming description That may wear a dress at a small ceremony. I am stricken with pain, fame and hunger. I take what is mine but have no need for The game of seduction in any Illegal means. I merely demand order, Control, and work in the deeds of payments. Hear my plea, girl of my demeanor. We dance with our hands to the side and with Some of my gold. Then we would sit on the Bench, striking, so that we could be seen. I only want you, but you keep me at A whim and I return to you always.


(Lavender scent fixes all the troubles, no) The dirt on my jeans should get clean then dried yet Wondering where my girlfriend has been all times. I think it is better to let go of her. The laundromat sheds no light on my lost love. I become brave and then continue from here And I let go of all my feelings here too. I do not know why she has not seen me, just That she failed to pay attention anymore. I can free my heart and try it anew now.

The River by the Park

I knew my life from blackness and poverty that Took me to an Indian spider witch lady The playfulness of nā Youth in a wooden house - Clasped hands with nā girlfriend with both those dark eyes The children play by the river with a dumb guey A snake coils around a scorpion by the woods, Unless she goes to a swing at a spot to bathe With less money to throw all away right there.

Meeting You Once Again

Since I was somewhat still young I've often thought of the few Persons whom my thoughts return To; getting more comfortable And more intimate than I Had been before; or since when We met but we had the one Idea of being us Together; We search: yearn and Grow like a rose from the ground Until the wind cools with the Dust collecting; showing life; Nothing else over the ground To dance with the bright flower: Through the conversation we May have had together; she Told me: 'I'd let you go out. You can have your desire to Return to me anytime The moon swept over the land.' Then I told: 'I had to be More honored to meet you once Again; as such as we lived;' Then the stars turned over too. 1 *To those of you still in school; my story is of meeting someone in the second year of junior high school. And that means that the person is still there, and I have met them again.

Sunset and Nighttime

I met her on a frosty day It was a special time I asked for her name and she said One of those stories told Then I thought of all the reasons Why her name stayed with me I held her by the hand that night I felt so happy when The sun was climbing down from the Sky by that time right then. _______________________________________ That night I stayed up very late My girlfriend wanted some breadsticks And I was so tired then I thought that it was a special Time: "This is now our night;" When the moon came up we just had To glance at each other. This was the night that I lived for My girl was my whole dream.

His Names and Signs

At dusk, I memorized and repeated His three-hundred and fifty names until The nighttime passed over us, much too soon. I came short of understanding his signs But the wisdom was there and hidden too. Then t'was long after I stopped seeing him.

The Places That Remind Me

I had to see you today and I'd feel well I could go to your home in the old place. The city that is yours reminds me of times This is where we met, by the candy store. The place where we had our first of dates at the Chicken restaurant makes me happier. I still remember the place where the land was Wide, large and looming. The restaurant where I knew you especially well; I think that You changed me, wanted to accomplish more. I wanted to buy a wagon for us and Our children but not anything else or Make a meal from a pot then, so I might say But back then at the chicken place I saw your Shadow. It was then that I took you by The wrist and set you aside to become one My friend said I was mistaken because There was no way you could be mine and I told Her that she was mine from that moment on.

The Places That Remind Me

Unmovable Praise

You have unbelievable Knowledge to create Something beyond what we can Comprehend with our senses All praise goes to you, obscure Black lover, who holds the truth I shall praise you and your clothes That you left for me until The days of end times now then Why don't you do what I want You to do? It pains me in My shins to see you just leave.